About Us

`Welcome to CnM Creations, where we hand craft

Clay and Wood Sculptures, Home Decor, and Collectibles.

We are a retired sister and brother creative team who love collaborating and bringing our particular skill sets together to make unique ornaments, home and cabin decor, whimsical and realistic clay sculptures, OOAK collectibles, and original giftables from our Pacific Northwest (Washington) home studio.

Cherie' ("C") has been crafting in multiple media her entire life, and currently focuses on polymer clay and acrylic painted crafts, like farmhouse signs and sculpted figurines, both realistic and whimsical. She loves functional and decorative items, and collectibles. She's known for her Coffee  Critters (TM), an original line of whimsical coffee bean clay characters.

Mike ("M") contributes his extensive and creative woodworking skills, from hand tools to laser cutters, he incorporates traditional and modern wood techniques to give our items a wonderful flair.

Between us, we have (yikes) 90 years of creative, crafty, artsy fun experience (with at least that many smiles), all poured out into our unique hand painted, hand cut, hand knotted, hand sculpted fun, beautiful CnM Creations.

Thank you for stopping by! (Maybe before you click away, take a second to sign up for our (low volume) newsletter to keep up on sales and new products. We'd love that!) And, if you want to reach us, hop over to our Contact page and let us know what's on your mind.

Enjoy the rest of your day,

Cherie' (& Mike)