Grand Opening & Website Launch Coming Jan. 15th!

As a longtime Etsy shop owner, this year I am taking a big step forward. A couple of steps, actually…and I’m very excited to share my news!

I was by myself in my Etsy shop, known as Darlin Girl Creations. I had started by sewing cute little baby accessories, like bonnets and booties. After a couple years I fell in love with needle felting, and became Needle Felt Art by Cherie’. Unfortunately, my over 25 years of daily keyboarding for up to 10 hours a day, caught up with me, and I found repetitive motion with my hands was just not do-able any longer. Thus, my search for another craft-art began.

I found polymer clay sculpting, and fell in love completely—especially with whimsical creations. (A big, warm shout-out to Ulli’s Happy Creations on Facebook for introducing and guiding me to the fun and satisfying world of adorable polymer clay characters, and the awesome projects she teaches in her Facebook group, Exclusively Gingies.)

I began absorbing all the knowledge I could, and I once again became Darlin Girl Creations on Etsy, but this time with clay and wood decor, figures, and collectibles. But, now, it gets even better!

In late 2023, my brother got a laser cutting machine, and made fun plywood pieces (like ornaments) for me to paint. We had so much fun we thought, why not collaborate like this? We were both retired, after all.

He’s the wood guy, I’m the clay and paint gal. What fun! And it has been fun. We started around Sept. 2023, and by Thanksgiving we discussed our options apart from Etsy, and decided on our own website! We became CnM Creations.

We chose to go with a Shopify website, and after getting familiar with it, I am adding our products to it. We finalized an official launch date of Monday, January 15th! It’s a small hobby business, and we only make one of things, all uniquely handmade. We occasionally accept special orders—especially for clay items—but don’t plan on multiple quantities, so everything purchased from us is truly one-of-a-kind (OOAK).

To celebrate, we are offering a grand opening discount for all first time buyers for our website! Use the code Grandopening2024 for 20% off

I’d love to hear what you think about our items, and our new site. And what you’d like to see added to the site this year. If you want to keep up to date, follow us on Facebook, for sneak peeks, and various fun. 

Thanks for reading, and hope to see you soon!

Warm regards,

Cherie’ (and brother :-D )

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